TPO Roofing

Our TPO roofing installers have more than 15 years of experience.

Due to their structure, TPO roofing material is consider stronger than most due to its ability to reflect heat from the sun and being welded together using hot air and liquid adhesive or self-adhering adhesive.

TPO roofing have several advantages as follow:

  • The reflective material make it Energy efficient, “Cool Roof”
  • It has a clear appearance that is it more attractive
  • Light weight, great for re-cover
  • Installs quickly over a variety of substrates
  • Tear-resistant and puncture resistant
  • Resistant to animal fat grease, vegetable oils, and some hydrocarbon oils
  • Highly Waterproof and virtually immune to ponding water in the non-seam areas
  • Leaks are easy to find, and repair compared to Build Up, ballasted, and some modified bitumen systems
  • Seams are heat welded into monolithic membrane
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